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As the customer care and contact center industry transforms, consumer behavior is changing the way customers want to be serviced, forcing companies to shift the way they interact with customers, partners, internal employees, and agents. It’s more important than ever to provide excellent service in order to win customer loyalty. Today’s customers are more informed and more connected than ever before. The number of channels that customers use to engage with businesses is increasing and customers are voicing their needs across many different channels – is your organization hearing them?

It's Time to Transform Your Customer Service

Providing top-notch customer care is more important than ever and according to Microsoft’s annual U.S. State of Multichannel Customer Service Report, 98% of U.S. consumers say that customer service is very important or somewhat important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. When it comes to conversations between customers and businesses – the customer is in control and you need to engage your customers on their terms. So how do you take your customer service from good to great?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is becoming the go-to CRM solution for contact centers that want to effectively integrate their systems in order to provide omni-channel service to customers, centralize their customer data, streamline and automate processes, and keep costs under control. If you’re having trouble with aging technology, inefficient systems, and long on-boarding processes, it’s time to reevaluate your solution. PowerObjects can help you get back on track with our comprehensive, affordable CRM solutions, reduce your maintenance costs, improve user-adoption, integrate seamlessly with existing technologies, and provide an efficient means of accessing data.

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Leveraging the Power of the Microsoft Stack

PowerObjects delivers tailored solutions that leverage the power of Microsoft products, including CRM, USD, Parature, from Microsoft, PowerBI and Office 365, as well as PowerPack CRM add-ons by PowerObjects. Our experienced consultants provide personalized business process optimization and other services to our customers to help drive down operating expenses, automate repetitive tasks, provide management reporting, and provide baselines for AHT, FCR and other measurement criteria.

Benefits of our Solution

PowerObjects helps organizations achieve a superior level of service by providing the right information to the right agent at the right time—a complete 360 degree view of the wants and needs of customers, prospects, and partners. Our solutions can:

Help agents be more efficient and productive


Help customers have high quality, effective interactions


Automate and streamline predictable and repeatable inquires

Allow organizations to engage customers across different channels

CRM Service by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Omni-channel Service

    Meet your customers on their terms by communicating with them via their preferred channel. Whether through traditional or emerging channels—including mobile, web, social, and chat—your agents will be able to address service issues instantly and proactively from a unified desktop.

  • Improved Agent Productivity

    Agents will handle all service interactions through a single unified desktop at their desk or via mobile service. With a single sign-on feature and a consolidated database of customer information, your agents will no longer need to manage multiple log-ins or flip between apps to look for customer data. You can empower your agents to anticipate customer needs and deliver personalized and proactive service by providing them with a complete 360-degree view of both real-time and historical customer data. Provide guided resolution to your agents with call scripting and policy adherence. With improved agent productivity, your call center will reduce average handle time, ensure first call resolution, and have happier customers.

  • Self Service Capability

    Self Service will become a streamlined machine for your customers by providing a consistent brand across all service portals and instant access to personalized service via any mobile device. Self Service can also be easily be embedded anywhere on your website, third party site, or social platform.

  • Unified Knowledge Base

    Ensure that the right person is being connected with the right information and the right time through a unified knowledge base as a single source of truth—no more islands of data. Measure how information is being used and what articles are popular to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Voice of the Customer

    With powerful social care, you can listen to what people around the world are saying about your business across social media platforms. By listening and analyzing interactions to determine service needs, cases can be created based on social interactions that will trigger quick resolutions to issues.

  • Service Analytics

    Use interactive, fully-customizable dashboards to see real-time views of service metrics. Get better customer insight and track customer satisfaction scores to identify business opportunities and improve effectiveness of service. Achieve true measurement of Average Handle Time and Inquiry Handle Time, keep track of channel management and measurement, and provide a true baseline for reporting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

  • Reduced Costs

    Having a solution that will integrate with any existing Microsoft technology within your larger organization will help eliminate difficult to maintain, stand-alone legacy solutions. Cut down on operational (Opex) costs and agent onboarding time across the board by supporting predictable and repeatable processes, which reduce busywork and boost productivity. The flexibility and scalability of CRM for Dynamics 365 will ensure that maintaining up-to-date call center technology will no longer be cost-prohibitive.

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