Microsoft xRM Solutions

What ix XRM? X is a variable with limitless possibilities, which means XRM is anything relationship management. PowerObjects have a proven history of implementing innovative XRM solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the platform, helping companies execute everything from managing relationships, to tracking interactions, to automating business processes and beyond.


Streamline your unique business processes with XRM

Think beyond CRM and the traditional automation of sales, marketing and customer service. What activities are critical to your business? Chances are there’s some component of relationship management, whether it’s vendors, distributors, customers or partners.

An XRM solution is a platform that can:

Manage relationships.
Use XRM to build and maintain business relationships.
Track interactions.
Track all the ways you interact with vendors, distributors, customers and other business relationships in one central location.
Manage products and services.
Administer activities that directly relate to the output of your products and services.

XRM is a platform, not a point solution

When you take Microsoft Dynamics 365 and use it as a platform for building an XRM system, you get a solid foundation on which to build line-of-business (LOB) solutions. Everything can be customized precisely to your organisation’s needs and integrate seamlessly with other critical systems.


One Platform, Many Applications

xRM solutions offer flexibility and customisation to meet almost any business or organisational need:

  • Vendor Management

    Certification process, purchasing process, compliance process

  • Employee Management

    New employee process, benefits enrollment process

  • Prospect Management

    Resume submission process, screening and scheduling processes

  • Project Management

    RFP process, new project kick-off process, status update process

  • Broadcasting Programme Management

    Script creation process, negotiation process

  • Disease Management

    Outbreak tracking process, testing process, alert process

  • Environmental Legislation Management

    Enquiry process, compliance reporting process

  • Animal Management

    Lifecycle process, pairing process, check-up process, retirement

  • Conservation Contract Management

    Contract selection process, contract maintenance

  • Grant Management

    RFG process, proposal evaluation process, grant tracking process

Featured XRM case studies

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