Mobile Solutions

From our perspective, a successful mobile experience is tailored to your job and your needs. Our bet: mobile experiences and Dynamics 365 will improve your business. Get our mobile whitepaper that details the benefits and possibilities of integrating mobile CRM platforms into your business processes.

Mobile is Not the Future—it's Today

Why should you care about mobile? Because today over half of internet usage comes from mobile devices. Enabling mobile capabilities in your business is no longer something you should plan for—it’s required. PowerObjects can help you take advantage of modern sales tools so you’re more agile in this mobile-first era, allowing you to sell more effectively, market smarter and delight your customers again and again.

On-Demand Webinar: Why Go Mobile with CRM 2016?

Thinking about options for going mobile with Dynamics 365? Watch this webinar to learn about drivers and use cases for taking CRM systems mobile. Find out how businesses can save time and money when enabling their teams do to more while on the go.


Mobile Experiences Tailored to Your Business

PowerObjects delivers customised mobile solutions that align with the way your customers, employees and stakeholders behave. All of our custom mobile app projects begin with a discovery phase that includes shadowing your business. Our experts meet with your experts to get to know your business, uncover opportunities for better user adoption and improve effectiveness on-the-go.

Get a Free Mobile Solution Consultation for Your Business

Businesses have diverse and unique needs, so assessing mobile solutions is not as simple as comparing sets of functionality between native, vendor or custom CRM app solutions. Part of PowerObjects’ Plan for Success process, for all of our customers, is to take a deeper look at their needs and assess the available options.

In some cases, out-of-the-box mobile solutions will suffice. In others, a small but elegant custom app is a better fit. PowerObjects can provide a free analysis to help you determine the best solution for your organisation. Schedule a consultation today at no cost and no commitment.

Mobile CRM Customer Success Stories

Moneris Case Study

With Dynamics 365, Moneris now has more standardized processes in place, resulting in a decrease in onboarding time and an increase in employee performance.

Center for Creative Leadership

Dynamics 365 for Sales’ features, functionalities and seamless integration with a variety of Microsoft applications, enabled CCL to better align their sales and marketing teams.

Stearns County

Stearns County of Central Minnesota has worked with PowerObjects to road-map a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Cloud Solution that could scale to the whole organization.