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Providing a high performance, omni-channel customer experience with CRM.

Today’s customers expect much more out of the service they receive, and they will not hesitate to cease patronizing a business due to bad experiences. It’s critical for businesses to continue to innovate in their service areas to ensure success. By meeting these service trends head on, businesses will see a marked increase in both customer satisfaction and revenue while reducing OPEX costs.

By innovating through a CRM solution and an omni-channel approach to service you can provide an integrated and optimized desktop to your agents, view real-time reporting and dashboards, and achieve a true “voice of the customer.”

Why CRM for Service?

Many organizations struggle with managing and accessing islands of data due to disconnected, outdated systems and siloed departments. These issues all lead to poor inquiry routing, field technicians going to the wrong address, incorrect answers, wrong parts on trucks, long handle times, poor customer satisfaction, and high turnover. Through CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365, we turn these struggles around to ensure your service center has access to a centralized database, and that your agents and field technicians are empowered to deliver fast and personal service—all while creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

PowerObjects, a four-time Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year award winner, is experienced in delivering tailored customer service solutions that leverage the power of Microsoft products including Dynamics CRM, USD, Knowledge Management, Power BI, Azure, Office 365, Field Service, and PowerObjects PowerPack add-ons. We believe in achieving high performance service by approaching the three areas of people, process, and automation. With our high performance model of service, your team will delight your customers and forge long-term relationships. By reducing customer service agent turnover, improving process optimization, and implementing automation through CRM for Dynamics 365—you can lay the groundwork towards providing top-notch care.

Our CRM Service Workloads

Customer Care

If you’re having trouble with aging technology, inefficient systems, and long on-boarding processes, it’s time to reevaluate your solution. PowerObjects can help you get back on track with our comprehensive, affordable CRM solutions, reduce your maintenance costs, improve user-adoption, integrate seamlessly with existing technologies, and provide an efficient means of accessing data.

Field Service

Field service management is about more than just having the right tools for the job no matter where you are. It’s about being able to connect with your most important asset, your customers. With CRM for Dynamics 365 and field service management solutions from PowerObjects, you can create a customer service story that spans multiple channels, maximizes your employees’ efficiency, and exceeds customer expectations.

Project Service

A project service automation solution allows your project teams to eliminate these gaps and maintain everything in a single system from quote to invoice. From account managers to project managers to resource managers, PSA will help you streamline your processes, better align sales and delivery teams, and get better visibility into capabilities and key metrics!

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