Kelly Roofing

Kelly Roofing

One of the largest roofing companies in southern Florida, Kelly Roofing is a long-time PowerObjects client that uses Dynamics 365 for Field Service as the backbone of their company. They are part of the PowerSuccess program and use several of PowerObjects’ PowerPack add-ons. Still, they needed more, and a roofing app built in Power Apps provided the boost they needed.


The impetus for process improvement centered around the challenges the Kelly Roofing team faced when trying to attach jobsite photographs to the proper client records inside Dynamics 365. It was an arduous manual process that involved way too many data transfers and far too much time. Roofers spent their days on rooftops and their evenings in front of their computers trying to reconcile and organize the day’s photos.


It started as a PowerApps-based mobile app designed to move photos taken in the field to the document library attached to the client record in Dynamics 365 – with a single click. It would have been a robust standalone app, but collaborative discussions between PowerObjects and Kelly Roofing led to an innovative solution that became much bigger than simply a way to sort photos.

Key Benefits

+ A staggering 91% decrease in processing time because the app eliminates all the photo reconciliation time
+ A 36% drop in customer callbacks due to having all information available in real time for employees and customers alike
+ A 25.8% reduction in trip time resulting from the enhanced ability to schedule trucks and crews by proximity to job site

Having a support team like PowerObjects just gives you the comfort level that you can actually take on a computer system like Dynamics and really use it to its full advantage, because the people at PowerObjects know how to maximize it and will give you the right advice every step of the way.

- Joe Kelly, Sales Manager, Kelly Roofing

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