Owl Rock Capital Partners

Owl Rock Capital Partners

Owl Rock’s main drivers for implementing Dynamics 365 were their need to better target, prioritise and systematically manage all their contacts, as well as expand and streamline their real-time reporting capabilities. Teaming with PowerObjects gave them a partner who could deliver on both objectives.


Owl Rock’s initial challenge was to merge thousands of Financial Advisors into a single CRM platform. Next, they had to solve challenges related to metrics and reporting, as well as cohesively integrate and manage more than 60,000 business contacts.


Dynamics 365 was an easy sell once everyone experienced its ease, intuitiveness, power, and potential. PowerObjects’ partnership with Owl Rock focused on combining Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement with Power BI, several PowerPack Add-ons, and PowerSuccess.

Key Benefits

+ Add-ons like Power Email, PowerMailChimp, and PowerScore enable a team of 20 to effectively manage 60,000 Financial Advisors
+ With PowerSuccess, their dedicated systems engineer’s depth of knowledge about Owl Rock systems allows for real-time, proactive enhancements to CRM
+ Simplified reporting with Power BI means quicker and more effective decision-making

The most important aspect of PowerSuccess is having one individual from PowerObjects work for our company. He knows how we work, how we function, he knows what our wants and needs are. He is part of Owl Rock. PowerSucess is worth its weight in gold.

- MICHAEL GRANDE, Chief Technology Officer, Owl Rock Capital Partners

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