CRM Education for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Custom Training from PowerObjects

Custom Training

Training sessions can be delivered online or in-person at your office location or at one of our PowerObjects training centers. You can choose to have the training delivered as it was designed or select the courses you need to build a custom training path.

Let us guide your training efforts by creating custom materials such as:
    • Instructor Guides: Your master guide to help identify topics and themes as well as provide ideas for activities to build specific skills.
    • Instructor PowerPoint Slides: Support instruction with visual representation of concepts before a live demonstration.
    • Labs: These hands-on exercises are designed to outline step-by-step instructions to make each exercise easy to follow.
    • Job Aids: Use the Quick Reference Guide to help learners and new users review the content of a specific task.
    • User Guides: These manuals provide all the steps needed to complete certain processes.

Custom Online Learning

The PowerObjects Education team is passionate about CRM success, that’s why we design and develop online learning solutions that are customized to meet your organization’s unique CRM needs.

Enterprise Communication Videos
PowerObjects can help inform and educate your team members with customized videos that communicate the implementation process and showcase how CRM will impact day-to-day tasks.

How-to Videos
Get your team started with CRM for Dynamics 365 by having PowerObjects design a custom video resource library of micro-learning components that focus on tasks specific to your organization.

Interactive eLearning Modules
Give your team an immersive experience to drive their own learning processes and practice their CRM skills in a safe environment without compromising valuable data.