Monitor and track your CRM for Dynamics 365 logins.

What is PowerGeoLog?

Add an extra layer of security to your CRM system by logging and tracking your users’ frequent login locations.

It’s becoming increasingly common for workforces to be spread out through the country, if not the world. How do administrators know who’s accessing their CRM? With PowerGeoLog, login IP addresses and geolocation (latitude/longitude) will be recorded within Dynamics 365. Alert users when they login from an unfamiliar location and allow them to whitelist the location if it’s a safe and common location. The PowerGeoLog notifications of new logins help users identify if their credentials have been compromised earlier.  Within CRM, users can see the logins plotted on a map – PowerMap subscribers can add logins to their maps as well.



Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted. This includes read only users, admin only users, and service accounts.

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