Merge duplicate CRM records with the click of a button within Microsoft Dynamics 365

What is PowerMerge?

Frustrated with duplicate accounts, contacts, or leads in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system? It happens to the best of organizations - a user is entering accounts, contacts, and lead records and a duplicate is created. Well now there’s a tool that can help you de-dupe your records. With PowerMerge, Dynamics 365 users can easily select an entity (account, contact, or lead), an associated view and which field(s) the solution should find duplicates from. Depending on entity, it can be a combination of email address, first name and last name. The solution can then count your duplicates and merge all duplicated records.

The merge application merges all duplicate records into one, using the oldest record as the base and entering information into fields that have not been filled out yet. When merging records, fields that are already filled out on the original record are not overwritten. Only blank fields are populated with the duplicated record information. Once the solution is done merging your records, the duplicates are disabled.



Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted. This includes read only users, admin only users, and service accounts.

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