Dynamics 365 Solutions for Manufacturing and Hi-Tech

Manufacturing Industry Trends

Trends in IoT and after-market services are shaking up the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers are moving from being product suppliers to solution providers, driving outcome-based business models.

PowerObjects can help manage your customers, customer assets, and employees by delivering a Dynamics 365 solution to help you ride the wave of industry changes and take advantage of powerful new technologies to streamline your business and grow your bottom line.

Dynamics 365 Solution Benefits for Manufacturing


Align sales and marketing objectives. Capture leads and nurture them throughout the entire sales cycle by pairing Dynamics 365 for Sales and Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Effectively manage campaigns and track performance in one reliable and accessible platform. From LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Microsoft Azure and the Adobe Marketing Cloud, learn how Dynamics 365 lays the foundation for a complete sales and marketing solution.

Automate with Add-ons

Sales Force Automation

Move beyond traditional sales tools. Achieve optimal reporting with meaningful metrics, increase productivity through connected operations, and stay engaged with customers throughout the entire sales cycle. Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a cost-effective sales automation solution with the added benefits of seamlessly connecting to the wider Microsoft stack and LinkedIn.

Lead Gen with LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Partner Relationship Management

Collaborate effectively with your partners. Rethink your partner relationships and align vendor expectations. The flexibility of Dynamics 365 allows easy customisations within the product to meet your needs and your partners’, such as submitting and tracking requests, reviewing past activity, managing account information, invoicing and more.

Partner Engagement and Portals

Customer Support

Improve the overall customer experience. Customer behaviors are changing how manufacturers interact with them. Learn how Dynamics 365 optimises the way employees handle customer engagement and how those interactions are tracked, analysed and managed to gain critical customer insights across your business.

Evolution of Consumers and Technology

Project Service Automation

Simplify your project management. Execute an automated, end-to-end solution to manage resources and scheduling, track expenses, deliver project updates and provide accurate reporting. Dynamics 3365 for Project Service Automation drives collaboration across multiple teams in a single repository to grow your overall bottom line.

Why Project Managers use PSA

Field Service

Provide proactive service and improved communication. Dynamics 365 for Field Service provides an effective resource management platform to drive an end-to-end customer experience. Mobile capabilities empower field resources to effectively communicate and return real-time data back to the business, and features like predictive maintenance and improved analytics to increase customer satisfaction.

Explore Field Service Trends

Finance and Operations

Streamline your business processes. Deliver efficiency, view real-time data, and retain top customers with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as part of your end-to-end manufacturing solution. Finance and Operations is the ERP solution for businesses looking to deliver better results with greater cost savings.

Explore Finance and Operations

3 Benefits of ERP for the Oil and Gas Industries

An effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an absolute must for all oil and gas businesses.

In an industry where cost per barrel can fluctuate as much as 86% in less than 24 hours, predictability and streamlined operations are the key to success.

So, whether you view your organisation from a finance, project or productivity perspective, a powerful ERP system can create a more comprehensive business platform – and change the way your oil and gas company remains competitive.

Benefits of ERP for the Oil and Gas Industries

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