Log Utility

See if your CRM users are logging into CRM and how they spend their time in CRM.

More Information

If you’ve ever struggled with CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 user adoption, wondered whether your CRM users are actually logging into CRM and how they actually use CRM once they are logged in, this CRM 2011 Log Utility (formerly known as ‘PowerLog’) is a great resource. The log utility gives you a great dashboard-style summary of how much activity each user has had during the past week, what they’ve been doing, whether or not they have used advanced finds and what they used these advanced finds for. This utility also shows you which users are creating activities and how often, when Dynamics users are logging in and what the trending use of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system is. With the log utility’s analytics and tracking, you will be able to see how well your CRM is being adopted by users and what they actually use the CRM for. The best part? This data is already stored in CRM, so there’s no extra load on your system. This utility just pulls them together in one beautiful, easy-to-read dashboard.

System Requirements

This log utility works with any Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011+ on-premise or PowerObjects-hosted implementation. The log utility does not work with CRM Online.