Owl Rock Capital Partners worked with PowerObjects to combine Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement with PowerPack Add-ons, Power BI, and PowerSuccess to transform their organizational capabilities and efficiencies. Watch their story.

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Video Transcript

Michael: Owl Rock is a financial services firm that specializes in making senior secured loans to middle market companies. We then package those loans up into a fund that we provide for clients to invest their money into.

Amy: We specialize in providing direct financing needs to private equity companies. Through all that we provide an income source to our investors. The main driver in implementing Dynamics 365 was to be able to better organize all of our business contacts. Our clients are financial advisors, and each time we sign an agreement and establish a relationship, it might mean 1,000 to 10,000 contacts that we need manage within in our system. We’re small. We have to find a way to work extremely efficiently, and be extremely targeting in our approach.

Michael: The reason why we chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the integration with the Microsoft Suite. We have two teams here that use Microsoft Dynamics.

Amy: We have nine territories, and each of these sales territories need to adequately target, prioritize, and systematically manage all of their contacts.

Mike: There are several accountability metrics that we track, call volume per day, week, and month, meeting counts for the externals on the same type of timeframes. It’s very important for us to be able to tag that data and to assist them and to keep track of people that we’ve met with, we’ve done business with, how many calls we’ve made, what the conversations were like, whether it pushed the sales process along, whether they’re not interested.

Michael: I believe Microsoft Dynamics has put us a step ahead of our competitors, because a lot of the functionality now being built in to the Microsoft Dynamics System is based on Power BI.

Amy: What Power BI allows you to do is not only cross reference a multitude of data points between different reports that you can pull within Dynamics, it allows you to automate the reports as well. We’re getting a live feed so that every single time the information refreshes within our CRM, it feeds through, in Power BI, and you don’t have an individual having to export and manipulate the information.

Michael: Now we’re able to focus on our weak spots. We have integrated Active Directory. Now the security’s a whole different level. Being in the financial industry, security is super important. We have to go up to a lot of financial institutions and present our security plans, backup plans, disaster recovery plans. And having it in the cloud, in the secure cloud no less, was a huge selling point for us.

Amy: Dynamics has made us tremendously efficient. Because at the end of the day, having a large team in this environment is highly costly. The competitive advantage is if we can do it with a smaller team and be leaner and meaner, why not?

Mike: It’s a system that we use every day, and it has our sales grow, CRM has grown as well, raised meeting counts, call volume, and incoming sales by wide margins.

Amy: What’s given me faith is number one, finding the right vendor who will partner up and understand your business needs. Once you find the right vendor, what is it that you want your CRM to be able to answer for your business needs. I wanted things I didn’t even know I needed. I tell my team all the time it’s unlocking a treasure every single time.

Michael: PowerObjects comes in with a wealth of knowledge. They’ll set somebody up with you that not only knows your system, can understand your field.

Amy: The caliber of the individuals within the company I’ve been extremely impressed with.

Michael: I can’t say it enough. PowerObjects knows Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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