We had a great time chatting with existing clients, meeting prospective clients, and sharing knowledge and insights with colleagues, partners, and users from all over the globe. In addition to sponsoring the event, running the PowerObjects booth, talking to literally thousands of people, sharing our own journey to the cloud, and handing out tons of swag, the 21 PowerObjects team members hosted several workshops, demonstrated for crowds large and small the power and potential of Microsoft Business Applications, and showcased tons of the creative ingenuity for which we’re known.

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Video Transcript

Tad Thompson:> Benefits of attending Summit are being able to connect to other organizations and customers that are also using the Dynamics products.
Venkat Rao: This is a one stop shop for them to come and learn about all the products.
Daryl LaBar: It’s just great to be part of that same community and having that community effort and to be able to experience everything that Microsoft platform has to experience.
Julius Horton: My company gets a lot out of sending us to Summit because the platforms are changing constantly and it gives us the ability to see first hand what’s next.
Ken Kelly: I also love the opportunity to collaborate with all of the users who are in the same situation as me, so that we can share ideas and of course I really enjoy seeing all the people that I work with at PowerObjects and together we can walk through new systems or processes or additions to the system.
Daryl LaBar: Microsoft’s investment in the cloud, they’re just beginning to scratch all the things that are possible with that.
Jennifer W.: Being in the cloud and having the interface with different business applications really allows them to have easy accessibility so they can be able to access their environment where ever they are, whenever they need to.
Ken Kelly: Going to the cloud was all about gaining additional functionality and features that we wouldn’t have had if we were on [Premeis 00:01:09]. This new common data model, we love because now we only have to enter data once, and we can share that throughout all the different applications that we’re working with.
Alex Fagundes: Being in the cloud allows for faster integration, faster deployments.
Rick S.: This year everybody seems to be very excited about PowerApps, Flow, PowerBI, that whole Power platform.
Julius Horton: The business application I’m most excited about is PowerBI, I think the ability for our end users to tap into our system and get the information that they need is very empowering.
Tad Thompson: It’s just a powerful tool for visualizing data, analyzing data.
Jennifer W.: Instead of pushing that into the IT departments, they can really empower themselves to be able to make the decisions they need to and then also push those up to management.
Daryl LaBar: Right now people are most excited about PowerApps. I believe the reason for that is they are beginning to experience what I as a developer experience everyday and that’s being able to take an idea, and to make something out of it.
Alex Fagundes: Power Apps allows for the real quick creation of business applications, whether they are a web based app, or a phone, or tablet.
Ken Kelly: See we’re a very mobile organization, and I love the idea of pairing it down to just the simplest form so that our users can get in and out accessing what they need and updating the system without actually firing up a laptop or going through all the steps needed to get into the entity that they need to update.
Venkat Rao: You don’t have to be a developer. If you understand your business, if you understand how things function, you can actually build an app for that.
Rick S.: PowerObjects is looking beyond just moving to the cloud. Once we get there, what we, what can we do from there?
Tad Thompson: We cover the entire Dynamics family, from AX, FNL, all the way to CRM, USD, PowerBI, PowerApps, Flow.
Daryl LaBar: Being a global partner as well and having an issue in the evening and being able to cast it off to another team member in another time zone and wake up in the morning and have it solved is something that’s not easily done, and it’s done very well at PowerObjects and really sets it apart.

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