Food Truck Friday is an annual event that PowerObjects hosts during the summer for the North Loop Minneapolis neighborhood. Get a closer look as Rick of Rusty Taco talks about what makes his food truck unique and delicious. And make sure you join us every Friday in the North Loop this summer for a delicious food truck each week!

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Video Transcript

My name is Rick and I’m here with the Rusty Taco food truck. We are outside of the PowerObjects building in the North Loop of Minneapolis.

I would describe our food as Mexican food with an American flavor. On the menu, we can bring you anything from brisket tacos to shrimp and fish and chicken, and everything in between. My favorite item on the menu is by far the fried chicken taco.

My favorite thing about running a food truck is getting out into the city, seeing new places every day, new faces, and a couple of regulars, and bringing food to people who don’t normally have time to get a good meal.

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