Go behind the scenes with our PowerSuccess team as they talk about the unique partnership that is PowerSuccess. PowerSuccess is a totally unique service-as-a-subscription program that gives you access to a CRM administrator and a long-term plan for success for a predictable monthly fee.

Video Transcript

Drew: PowerSuccess works for any type of business really, any size, any industry.
Todd: I think anybody who is looking at developing a CRM for their business needs something like PowerSuccess.

Greg: Red Door Company chose the PowerSuccess model because we didn’t have the skills in house to develop our own Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution.

Mike: PowerSuccess is a service as a subscription model that allows you to implement CRM on a fixed monthly cost. PowerSuccess can be utilized not only to implement CRM but also to help you support your ongoing implementation that’s already been completed.

Ken: We’re really good at our business, but we’re not great at software. I love the concept of pulling on the resources of the huge team of developers that know and understand our business, and business best practices that they can apply to us.

Mike: When you sign up for PowerSuccess we’ll assign you a dedicated PowerSuccess engineer. The PowerSuccess engineer is an application specialist.

Keisha: My role is helping my clients with their CRM implementations. That involves consulting and advising on CRM best practices as well as performing out-of-the-box software configurations.

Mike: We’re going to help you design your forms, build out your views, work with your workflows and dialogues, help you build out your processes using the business process flow business rules. The big difference between PowerSuccess and a time-material project is that we’re following our process to allow us to build out your CRM without having to have the full requirement gathering in the beginning of the project.

Ken: Knowing what my exact expenses are going to be for all of our implementation, changes, development cost ahead of time, is golden.

Greg: At the very beginning, our PowerSuccess engineer essentially interviewed us.

Mike: We start with what we call an Envision/Foundation meeting.

Keisha: First we identify the processes that CRM is going to help facilitate or improve upon. Then we rank those items in order of priority. We call that our rank list.

Mike: We’re going to take those detailed requirements and build out their functionality with CRM, then reengage you. Show you what’s been built.

Keisha: The beauty of the PowerSuccess process is that it runs in a loop until it’s perfected and looks in CRM as they intended it to.

Todd: Our PowerSuccess engineer has been amazing. He has been completely accessible to us. He has us on standing weekly meetings where we can bring up anything that needs to be worked on our developed.

Keisha: I encourage my clients to reach out to me as often as they feel necessary.

Drew: Some clients I meet with once a week, and they know exactly what they want to do with their system. There are other clients that maybe don’t understand their system as well or aren’t as technically oriented.

Todd: Our PowerSuccess engineer has taken the time to understand how we do what we do. Not just what we do, but how we do it.

Drew: I’ve got a great relationship with my customers. I know their tendencies. Even if they don’t make everything very explicit or clear, I know exactly what they’re looking for and I can build their system out the way they want it to be.

Greg: He has been very helpful in getting to know what we need, even if we didn’t really know what we needed.

Keisha: My favorite part about being a PowerSuccess engineer is getting to learn about all different kinds of business.

Drew: Being able to jump in and let them know, “Yeah, this is possible. We can do this, and here’s how we’re going to do that.”

Ken: I love the way they treat us. They want us to be bigger. They help us to be a better organization.

Todd: I can’t tell you how much comfort it gives me personally knowing that we have true experts helping us make this thing work as well as it can work for us.

Drew: It’s really a very flexible system and it’s all client dependent.

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