It’s critical that CRM trainers are able to connect the CRM functionality with the value it is providing users and convey both the organizational goals for using CRM, as well as the “What’s in it for me” for end users. All of these things are covered in the CRM University Trainer the Trainer Certificate.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Gretchen Opferkew, Director of Education at PowerObjects, and today we’re going to talk a little bit about the CRM University Certificate for Train the Trainer. We always recommend organizations do their own training when they’re rolling out CRM, if possible. A lot of times that depends on whether they have someone who can do the training, or someone who has the skill sets, and the knowledge of CRM.

Many times the person who gets assigned to do the training doesn’t have a background doing training. That’s why we’ve created a learning path for that person called the Train the Trainer Certificate. That learning path is made up of two things.It’s made up of a foundational training. Either the CRM Boot Camp or the Fast Track. It’s made up of a Train the Trainer session as well. Let me talk about both of those. When you’re choosing a trainer from within your organization, you’re wanting somebody who has knowledge of your business practices, understanding of CRM, as well as training skills. PowerObjects supports you by giving you the knowledge of CRM and the training skills. Let’s talk about the five-day boot camp. The five-day boot camp provides the trainer the foundational understanding of what CRM can and can’t do. When a trainer gets questions about what the capabilities of CRM are, they can answer those questions.

The five-day boot camp looks at the technologies’ capabilities from sales, marketing, and service. As well as under the hood looking at the customization, security, and processes. The two-day fast track option really just goes through the whole application without any hands on activities, and it’s for people who already have experience using other CRM applications. Maybe they’re migrating from another system, and they just need to know what’s different about CRM versus what we’ve currently been using. Once the trainer has attended either the five-day boot camp or the two-day fast track, the next part of the certificate is attending the three-day Train the Trainer.

The three-day Train the Trainer exposes the trainer to all of the skills for training. It gives them an opportunity to practice training, and it also helps them plan out their training for their end users. One frequently asked question is when should a trainer attend this Train the Trainer certificate program. As close to the beginning of your project as possible. The reason for that is it’s really difficult for a trainer to attend a class and then turn around and immediately train other people.

What they need to do is attend the class early and get a foundational understanding of what they need to do. Then go back to your organization and build on that foundation an understanding of your business processes and what this means to your employees. That way they can start to build the training materials and make plans for the class that they need to make it a success. For more information on where to sign up for the CRM University certificate, visit our events page. Thanks for watching The CRM Minute!

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