System Performance
Best Practices for System Performance

What are the factors that contribute to how the end-users experience the performance of CRM? In this webinar, we’ll provide an overview of workstation, server, and environmental factors you need to consider.

CRM Administrator
Little Tips and Big Tricks for the CRM Administrator

This webinar will challenge you to think about new ways of streamlining your tasks and potentially how to deliver more value to your end-users through taking advantage of tools that are available within and outside of the application.

CRM UI Development
Best Practices for CRM UI Development

There is a reason and a flow to how Microsoft designed the CRM user interface, and there is a specific user experience planned in the design. In this webinar, we’ll examine this design and talk about how to best take advantage of the native features. For administrators, we’ll cover how to think through your customizations so that the information flows and is easy to consume for end-users.

CRM University
PowerObjects CRM University: Strategies for CRM Rollout, Training, and User Adoption

In this webinar, you’ll find out about the CRM University offerings including CRM boot camp, the user adoption workshop, and advanced technical classes.