Digitally Transforming Social Housing with Dynamics 365

Learn how PowerObjects has taken great strides overcoming the many challenges within Social Housing and have been changing the landscape, for the better.

Finance and Operations Security
Securing Your Company’s Data: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Enroll in this webinar, Securing Your Company’s Data: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, to learn about keeping your company’s data safe.

Dynamics 365 for Retail
Dynamics 365 for Retail 101

View this on-demand recording of Dynamics 365 for Retail 101 to learn the fundamental capabilities related to Dynamics 365 for Retail.

Finance and Operations Mobile Options
Going Mobile with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Join PowerObjects’ webinar as we explore the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations mobile options available for users.

Get Ahead with The USD Accelerator

The USD Accelerator provides benefits to your business quicker than USD alone. The solution contains robust functionality that helps provide a 360 degree of your customer, which empowers agents with a single, unified experience to deliver fast, amazing customer service from a desktop or mobile device.

To Innovate, Look Outside Your Industry

Discover new ways to humanize your brand to stay at the forefront of the Experiential Brand Revolution.

Digitizing Customer Experience Webinar
Digitising Your Business and Your Customer Experience to Drive Profitability and Brand Equity

Harness new Technologies, Data and Personalisation to create a Digital Experience so good it inspires Customer Loyalty in this webinar round table event.

Digital Transformation for Customer Care

Join PowerObjects for a webinar discussing the common technology challenges affecting organizations and understand how Dynamics 365 can help you deliver an outstanding customer experience.

GDPR, PSD2 and the Opportunity to Strengthen Customer Relationships
GDPR, PSD2 and the Opportunity to Strengthen Customer Relationships

Join PowerObjects, One Connected Community, & financial service sector leaders for a webinar on strengthening customer relationships with MS Dynamics 365.

4 Pillar Approach to CRM Success: Support
Driving Omnichannel Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join PowerObjects and CaféX, to hear what’s driving the demand for omnichannel customer engagement and learn about a new, integrated solution that provides your customers with immediate personalised support while improving your staff’s productivity and leveraging your investments.