Driving Omnichannel Customer Engagement with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Join PowerObjects and CaféX, to hear what’s driving the demand for omnichannel customer engagement and learn about a new, integrated solution that provides your customers with immediate personalised support while improving your staff’s productivity and leveraging your investments.

Now that your connected systems are talking, how do you take action?

In this webinar, Microsoft, Service Council and PowerObjects come together to demonstrate how you can actively listen to what your connected systems are telling you and the best way to take action.

4 Pillar Approach to CRM Success | Day 6: Sales Productivity Add-ons

If you want to increase CRM productivity, look no further than our suite of PowerPacks for sales productivity. These powerful add-ons save you clicks and time when working within Dynamics 365. See demos of PowerLastActivity, PowerFind, PowerCharge and more that help you maximize the way you use CRM.

4 Pillar Approach to CRM Success | Day 5: Marketing Automation Add-ons

If you’re looking for add-ons that will help you automate your marketing processes, you’ve come to the right place! Each of the add-ons in our Marketing Automation suite help reduce manual processes and streamline many marketing-related procedures. Featuring live demos of PowerMailChimp, PowerEmail, PowerNurture, PowerSMS and more!

4 Pillar Approach to CRM Success | Day 4: Add-ons

Our PowerPack add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 are plug-and-play tools that you can add to your system to enhance functionality in sales, marketing, and productivity. Learn about how our add-ons work and see how easy it is to start a free 30-day trial. Featuring live demos on how to trial, find our add-ons in AppSource, and more!

4 Pillar Approach to CRM Success | Day 3: Education

Implementing or overhauling a CRM solution is only part of the equation for successful roll-outs. Never underestimate the power of CRM education in the success of your CRM system! Learn about all about PowerObjects’ webinars, online learning tools, in-person CRM U training, custom training, and change management in this webinar.

4 Pillar Approach to Dynamics 365 Success | Day 2: Service
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