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Transforming SMB for Finance and Operations  64 min

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Transforming SMB for Finance and Operations

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite includes several workloads to meet your ERP needs – perhaps most prominent is Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. With increasingly complex business landscapes which rely upon up to the minute data, the capabilities of the Finance and Operations workload are sure to prove valuable to your business’s success.

In this webinar you will learn what Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is capable of. We’ll explain how Finance and Operations can be used for financial management, human capital management, and supply chain management. If you’ve been wondering what all the hype is about, you won’t want to miss this Transforming SMB with Finance at Operations webinar on demand.


Piyush Updadhyay 
AGM- Sales Enablement

Mark Vent 
Senior Solution Design Consultant

Jeffrey Ploshnick 
Director of Solution Design