Education is one of our four pillars at PowerObjects because we understand that any Dynamics 365 deployment is only as strong as an organisation’s ability to use it. To ensure success, we offer several education options and programmes, including:

  • Product training on the out-of-the-box capabilities of Dynamics 365 and related technologies through Dynamics 365 University.
  • Process training with a team of experienced Learning Consultants who focus on the specific ways you’ll use the product, providing training and materials tailored to your unique internal processes.
  • Change Management services led by certified change management consultants who help organisations navigate their digital transformation or Dynamics 365 journeys.

Product Education: Dynamics 365 University

Standard Course Catalogue

Expand your product knowledge through Dynamics 365 University’s course catalogue that offers 12 regularly scheduled classes. These courses cover out-of-the-box capabilities and provide hands-on labs:

  • We offer public classes at our Corporate Headquarters in Minneapolis, as well as several other locations.
  • If you have a group of users in need of training, we can deliver these classes at your office.
  • We can also deliver a selection of these classes online with a virtual instructor.

Design-Your-Own Training

While our course catalogue is rich with options, we know that many organisations have very specific and unique needs.

With that in mind we offer an option to design-your-own training. You can pick and choose from an a la carte menu that includes 30 individual modules.

We will work with you to assemble a tailored course made up of the modules that are the perfect fit for your business needs and deliver this training at your office.

Process Education: Learning Consultants

In addition to learning about product capabilities through Dynamics 365 University, it is equally important to invest in training and materials around your processes. This is where our Learning Consultants add value.

Learning Consultants

When organisations invest in Dynamics 365, they are also investing in the behavioural changes that employees must make for the system to yield a return. PowerObjects combines extensive Dynamics 365 experience with certified change management expertise to help organisations navigate this transition.

Learning Materials

The value provided by our Learning Consultants includes custom-made materials designed to help you execute your training plan. Materials that are most often needed include:

Instructor Guides

Your master guide to help identify topics and themes as well as provide ideas for activities to build specific skills.

Instructor PowerPoint Slides

Support instruction with visual representation of concepts before a live demonstration.


These hands-on exercises are designed to outline step-by-step instructions to make each exercise easy to follow.

Job Aids

Use the Quick Reference Guide to help learners and new users review the content of a specific task.

User Guides

These manuals provide all the steps needed to complete certain processes.

Have you considered Change Management?

When organisations invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365, they are also investing in the behavioral changes that employees must make in order for the system to yield a return. PowerObjects combines our Dynamics 365 and certified change management expertise to help organisations navigate this transition.

Customer Evidence

“We chose to partner with PowerObjects’ education team because of their expertise. Not only do they understand learning and development, but they also understand the technicalities of (Dynamics 365).”

– TJ Covington, Global Learning & Development Program Manager at UL

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