Microsoft Cloud by PO

Get more out of Dynamics 365 and your Microsoft Cloud licenses

Nobody likes navigating multiple contracts, companies, partners, and payments. It’s frustrating when you don’t know who to contact for support. Instead of having all of your information scattered in different places with different people, you can now consolidate all your needs in one place, with PowerObjects as your Cloud Solution Provider (CSP).

Eliminate all the hassle with a new solution that bundles your Dynamics 365 licenses, solution, support, education, and more—all with the #1 Dynamics 365 Partner for Dynamics 365 in the world.

No matter where you are in your Dynamics 365 journey – whether you have bought your licenses or are looking to buy them, with Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects you will get more out of your investment.

Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects

A partnership with PowerObjects means you will always have access to a dedicated team who gets you, your needs, and your solution. PowerObjects will be able to manage all of your Dynamics 365 needs, and can deliver, manage, and support your Microsoft Cloud subscriptions. From service, to support, to billing – your Microsoft Cloud solutions are taken care of by PowerObjects.

What’s In It For You?

With a Microsoft Cloud by PowerObjects subscription, you get to bundle your Microsoft Cloud licenses, Cloud services, support, and educational training. When you partner with PowerObjects, you will not only have an award winning team managing your Cloud subscriptions, you will also receive great value adds you can’t get anywhere else! These benefits include:

  • Ability to bundle all of your Dynamics 365 licenses and Cloud subscriptions

  • Discounts on PowerObjects’ world-class public educational offerings

  • Keep it simple by centralizing all of your billing through PowerObjects

  • Break and fix support provided by the largest Dynamics 365 support desk outside of Microsoft

  • Full access to PowerObjects’ PowerPack add-ons

Special pricing available for small and medium sized businesses with under 25 users!

How it Works

Select one of our three tiered offerings:

PowerSuccess Support

Plan 1

  • Month-to-Month Subscription
  • No user/month costs
  • 5 user minimum

This is a license model subscription. Recommended for: Experienced CRM users who need minimal support or organizations that already have an IT infrastructure in place.


Plan 2

  • 1-Year Subscription
  • -OR-
  • 6-Month Subscription
  • 10 user minimum

This is a support model subscription. Recommended for: Organizations and users that manage their own CRM administration but need some extra help on the support side.


Plan 3

  • 1-Year Subscription
  • 5 user minimum

This is a consulting model subscription. Recommended for: Organizations and users who are seeking a new implementation or who have an existing system they wish to improve with demanding support needs.

What are you waiting for?

Get incredible value by partnering with the #1 Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner in the world!

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