Digital Transformation for Oil and Gas

Oil and gas companies face numerous challenges when maintaining a return on capital has never been so critical. Staying profitable is affected by breakdowns that halt operations, volatile energy prices in the marketplace, a shifting competitive landscape with emerging renewable and sustainable energies and little to no insight into potential product deficiencies.

As the worldwide leader in Dynamics 365 and related Microsoft Business Applications, PowerObjects provides the expertise to drive your upstream, midstream and downstream Oil and Gas organisations. We can transform your capabilities around scaling with a constantly fluctuating market, optimising digital operations, enhancing efficiencies and empowering your workforce.

PowerObjects Solutions for Oil and Gas

Because the Oil and Gas industry has so many variations in terms of size, scope and complexity, digital transformations must be tailored to the unique needs of each business. A PowerObjects solution built on Dynamics 365 and supported by Microsoft Business Applications is completely customisable.

  • Your costly upstream and midstream assets need intelligent security. Compliance with industry regulations, as well as maintaining hardware and software security, are critical to the ongoing success of oil and gas organisations. In a connected field service environment, Machine Learning can simplify and strengthen capabilities around these important objectives.
  • Leverage smart oilfield technology to lower overall costs. When your field technicians are empowered to act upon data from mixed reality interfaces and cloud-based intelligent devices, costs related to training and remote sales, service and maintenance drop dramatically. Cost savings are amplified when you begin engaging in predictive (rather than reactive) maintenance for explorative equipment and transportation vehicles.
  • Generate product insights. Enable real-time access to downstream statistics like product usage and performance. Leverage oilfield technology, like IoT and cloud connections on behalf of your organisation’s deployed field assets to deliver accurate reporting and analytics, arming your teams with the data they need to stay productive and profitable.
  • Transform vendor and partner relationships.  IoT, AI and Machine Learning work together to improve productivity and reaction time around potential or urgent issues, naturally improving your vendor and partner relationships. Whether you’re coordinating logistics or building an asset dashboard to improve partner communications, opportunities are more visible – which directly impacts the bottom line.

What can Dynamics 365 for Field Service do for your Oil and Gas organization?

NOV required a solution that offered visibility and mobile access that could be successfully deployed to facilities and resources worldwide.

PowerObjects’ partnership with NOV focused on the importance of an innovative solution using Dynamics 365 for Field Service, while addressing change management and driving superior customer service.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive tool for efficient resource and knowledge management
  • Mobile platform provides real-time updates and accessibility
  • Complete visibility for enhanced customer experience

Connected Field Service

Don’t React… Proact!

Connected Field Service enables preventive maintenance, thereby allowing your organisation to proactively respond to issues in the field. Did you know that up to 75% of breakdowns and outages can be avoided as a result of implementing preventive maintenance? Just imagine the potential cost savings!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service with Connected Field Service connects IoT telemetry to business actions. This in turn helps organisations view, track and manage all aspects of their field service processes – from production to service and repair. You can capture data from a machine, drive that data into Azure IoT, define the parameters to create an alert within D365 and provide the analysis to define and refine predictive maintenance.


3 Benefits of ERP for the Oil and Gas Industries

An effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is an absolute must for all oil and gas businesses.

In an industry where cost per barrel can fluctuate as much as 86% in less than 24 hours, predictability and streamlined operations are the key to success.

So, whether you view your organisation from a finance, project or productivity perspective, a powerful ERP system can create a more comprehensive business platform – and change the way your oil and gas company remains competitive.

Webinar on Demand: Connected Field Service

Technology is the fuel that keeps your field service organisation in high gear…until it doesn’t. If your technology is not propelling you forward, it’s holding you back.

Don’t stand by and watch it happen…

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What do you get with PowerObjects as your digital transformation partner?

PowerObjects are 100% focused on providing CRM service, support, education and add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our customer-centric approach ensures your solution is tailored to your organisation’s needs, you can maximise your user-adoption with education and training programmes taught by our team of Dynamics 365 experts, and receive on-demand technical help from our dedicated support team. We make sure you get the most out of Dynamics 365! When you work with PowerObjects, you’re working with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner of the Year — for two years running. We’ve learned what it takes to make a CRM implementation successful from working with hundreds of customers and put that knowledge into action to help you get the most from your CRM investment.