Dynamics 365 for Marketing (Adobe)

Sales and marketing come together seamlessly with Dynamics 365 and Adobe Marketing Cloud. Engage with your customers for better experiences throughout their journey by leveraging data-driven tools that give insight into a complete view of the customer.

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Product Pairings that Deliver Better Results

Adobe Campaign + Dynamics 365 = Campaign Orchestration

  • Bring sales and marketing together with one message, one platform
  • Shorten the sales cycle while driving revenue and marketing ROI

Adobe Experience Manager + Microsoft Azure = Web Experience Foundation

  • Digital marketing experiences that are personalised to each customer
  • Easily manage digital content using dynamic marketing software

Adobe Analytics + Microsoft Power BI = Powerful Data Insights

  • Business intelligence that results in better business decisions
  • Leverage all your organisational data in one place to view anytime, anywhere

Adobe Marketing Cloud Solution Overview

  • Media Optimiser

    Ad buying solution to help determine the best advertising options based on your budget and desired platform.

  • Social

    Social management platform that allows you to track social content as well as provides actionable intel to improve targeting and conversions.

  • Audience Manager

    Data management platform that Identifies website traffic and more to build a 360-degree digital footprint of your audience.

  • Primetime

    Multiscreen video streaming platform that allows you to share content anywhere.

  • Experience Manager

    Digital management solution that allows you to deliver online content across multiple platforms and devices including mobile, web, and IoT.

  • Campaign

    Robust solutions to help simplify campaign management with marketing automation, SMS capabilities, ESP, advanced nurture capabilities, mobile responsiveness and more.

  • Analytics

    Gain greater customer intelligence by leveraging data from web engagement.

  • Target

    Optimisation solution that allows you to offer multiple user experiences on your website by robust A/B testing functionality, mobile app optimisation, conversion rate testing and more.

PowerPack Add-ons for Marketing Automation

If you’re looking for Dynamics 365 add-ons to help automate marketing processes, you’ve come to the right spot! PowerPacks are tools designed to help enhance the CRM capabilities of Dynamics 365, while providing even greater functionality and efficiency. Each of the add-ons below help reduce manual processes, and streamline many marketing-related procedures.

Getting Started with Marketing Automation and CRM

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PowerObjects, winner of the 2016 Microsoft Modern Marketer Partner of the Year Award, was honored for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology.

PowerObjects’ team of modern marketers was awarded for providing outstanding solutions and services in Modern Marketing. The Modern Marketing Partner of the Year Award recognises a partner who is using modern/digital marketing practises to acquire, convert and retain customers.