Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 is finally here! Featuring productivity tools; predictive analytics with machine learning intelligence; offline capability and simplified data collection with field control types for mobile users; and enhancements to the Service user experience, CRM 2016 is the best version of Dynamics CRM to date. With so many awesome and amazing features in CRM 2016 we could talk about it for days, and for Tad Thompson, one of our amazing Education team members, there is a lot to be excited about!

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Tad. I’m here to talk about some of the new features in CRM 2016. I get so excited about new features in CRM because each time they’re new things that we can do directly in the UI rather than having to do them through some sort of customization. There’s a lot of great new features in CRM 2016. I’m going to talk about five of them.

One of them is the ability to export into Excel or Word templates, kind of like what we’ve had in mail merge all along, but now we can create templates of analytics in Excel, or in Word perhaps we create form reports like a proposal or a quote. Then the user just comfortably exports into those applications. Then they can email it, save it as a PDF, and so on. Another one of my favorite features is the interactive service hub. This is another way of accessing CRM specifically for call centers or customer care where they can see their records laid out in very interactive dashboards. Plus, we can do quick create not only on regular entities but also on activity entities.

Another great feature is for solutions and configurators. When you’re creating a solution you can now be really specific as to what you want to include such as even just one field or one view, one form rather than the whole entity. My fourth favorite feature is the Outlook web app. For a long time we’ve had the Outlook client. Sometimes people have had challenges with that. Now we can use this with Outlook web access, so users can simply interact with CRM data-related records, track through emails, all within the browser.

Last but not least is mobility. We’ve had the tablet app. Now we have the smart phone app. We can include really cool controls on it. We can decide what fields to display. Plus we have its own business process flow that’s task-driven specifically for mobility. Head on over to our events page and check out all of our CRM trainings including CRM 2016 boot camps in Minneapolis and several other cities. Thanks for watching The CRM Minute.

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